Friday, 18 May 2012

The Adventures!

This is the tale of four heroes, adventuring by mistake. For although they had their own hopes, plans, dreams and expectations, destiny invited them to walk another path . . .

. . . this path sets them 'gainst powerful foes, fearsome obstacles, untold mysteries, unknown histories and, worst of all, invites reflection 'pon themselves to consider who they are, what they are, thus what they shall choose to do.

Why does this matter? It matters greatly, for destiny has chosen them to seal the fate of but one friend, yet through her, the fate of nations . . .

Read of Tsumi, Avarizia, Kankai and Morvius. Know them, know their past, to understand now their future adventures.

Content Warning

A gentle warning. The content of the blog will evolve but at present running some of the pages through another site that rates blogs has suggested this content (mostly through references to violence) is rated PG. Knowing our mature players, as adventures progress, this may well change upwards . . .

Spoiler Warning

This blog is a fansite that chronicles the group's adventures as the players roleplay through the Pathfinder scenarios of Paizo's superb Jade Regent Adventure Path, so contains specific details of what unfolded, inevitably this means disclosure of endless spoilers. If you're wishing to play through the scenarios, each session's adventure is listed here in chronological order so you can read what you wish, avoiding what you wish.

In truth, it's constructed as a site for the players to simply record and enjoy the events shared, roleplayed through weekends together. If anyone else enjoys their tale, so much the better!

Adventure Path Rules

Only core rules are used, if it's not within the Pathfinder Reference Document or campaign rules then it's not allowed. We use the Campaign Traits to bind the characters to notable NPCs. Differing alignment, attitudes, backgrounds and banter is fine and welcome, as long as everyone pulls together and gets along. But then, we've been roleplaying together for so many years, we kind of take that as a given! This has enabled players to explore atypical choices, even whilst being a "good" group, such as one character being a follower of Urgathoa but still maintaining party cohesion.


The Brinewall Legacy
Night of Frozen Shadows
  • Into the North, played 22nd April 2012
  • A Gathering of Shadows, played 22nd April 2012
  • Assault on Ravenscraeg, played 19th May 2012
The Hungry Storm
  • To the World's End, played 19th May 2012
  • The High Ice, played 20th May 2012
  • A Darker Road, played 20th May 2012
Forest of Spirits
  • Ordu-Aganhei, played 9th June 2012
  • The Forest of Spirits, played 9th June 2012
  • House of Withered Blossom, played 9th June 2012
Tide of Honour
  • The Ronin and the Bandit, played 10th June 2012
  • The Shadows of Enganoka, played 10th June 2012
  • The Pearls of Sakakabe
  • The Honour of Sikutsu Itsuru
  • The Siege of Seinaru Heikiko
The Empty Throne
  • The Imperial City
  • Honouring the Past
  • Honouring the Future

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