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Kankai, a tengu, was oft times persecuted, as many of her race endure. Fleeing to the quieter wilderness of Varisia, Kankai had to learn skills of stealth and cunning to survive. She lived on the fringes of society, quite literally, sneaking around Sandpoint and thwarting the nearby goblins of Brinestump Marsh. On one occasion, moving through their swamp, she was caught. Her end at the hands of the Licktoad Goblins was certain.

But then all changed.

Shalelu, the elven Ranger, battled calmly but with ruthless efficiency, slaying all that stayed to face her as she sought to rescue the young tengu. Since that day, much changed for Kankai. Travelling with someone else who was different, someone else who was an outsider, someone else who travelled the wilds with stealth and steel, she learnt and shared much at the side of this curious elven warrior.

But after such years on the margins, such years clinging within the shadows, her time has come to stand openly, for whole nations to see. Stealth and discretion may be her tools, her comfort, her past . . . but destiny has set a new and different future before her . . .

Game Mechanics

Female tengu Rogue from Kwanlai
Dual wields with two wakizashi's
4'4" tall, 75 lbs
17 years old
Blue hair, brown eyes
Alignment : Neutral Good

Levels :
Fires over Brinestump : 1 Rogue
The Legacy's Lure : 2 Rogue
Ruins of Brinewall : 3 Rogue
Into the North : 4 Rogue
A Gathering of Shadows : 5 Rogue
Assault on Ravenscraeg : 6 Rogue

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