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A Cleric of Urgathoa, Avarizia enjoys life's excesses, especially when shared with her friend, Sandru.

Avarizia Lussuria is of Varisian birth, born in the town of Sandpoint. Her mother died in childbirth, and Avarizia would have died too, if not for Koya Mvashti, whose use of divine magic managed to save her.

Koya continued to support and help Avarizia, and became somewhat of a mother figure for Avarizia in her early years. However, Avarizia's father was a travelling merchant, and took her away from Sandpoint, and so she lost contact Koya as she grew into her teenage years.

Avarizia's father was a poor role model for a teenage girl, often getting drunk and beating her. Avarizia eventually ran away from her father, fleeing from him for the city of Riddleport.

Tough for a teenage girl, she drank and partied hard with many of the rougher elements of the city. One night she met a charismatic stranger, the first woman she met who could out drink her. Returning to her rooms with her, both inebriated, they were attacked by some thugs. Surrounded and outnumbered, Avarizia could see no escape, but to her surprise, the stranger called on her deity Urgathoa, the thugs were suddenly wracked with pain and subsequently died writhing with agony. Avarizia was so impressed with the power of the stranger she wanted some of this power for herself. Soon after she was initiate in the religion of Urgathoa, revelling in the life of excess that comes with the religion, as well as being fascinated with the art of raising the dead.

Years later, with the power of Urgathoa running through her, she returned to Sandpoint searching for her father. She took her revenge for her childhood beatings out on her father by channelling the negative energy of Urgathoa into him.

Recalling her childhood mother figure, she sought out Koya, renewing her relationship with the woman, also growing close to her mother Niska. Avarizia still revelled in drinking to excess and became a regular at The Rusty Dragon. After being thrown out drunk on more than one occasion, she eventually became close friends with the owners Ameiko Kaijitsu and Tsumi.

With the influence of Koya, Niska and Ameiko, Avarizia tamed her wilder ways, but she was getting bored of Sandpoint, keen to seek her forture elsewhere. She is facinated by some of Ameiko's tales of adventure, and has been trying to persuade her to give up the Rusty Dragon to start adventuring once again.

Niska must have seen something in Avarizia that few others do, a few months ago she called Avarizia to her house one day and made her make a promise that if her daughter Koya ever went on a long trip then Avarizia would go with her to ensure her safety. Baffled by the request, Avarizia never the less agreed to the promise. A few weeks later the old woman died.

She remains fiercely loyal to her friends. Having survived the dangers of Riddleport, she is now savvy enough to know when fight and when to rely on her diplomacy and social skills. Or, sometimes, when to invoke the dread powers of her dark mistress 'gainst those who would position themselves against her . . .

Game Mechanics

Female human (Varissian) Cleric of Urgathoa (Variant Undead Lord, Variant Channelling - Undeath)
5'7" tall, 155 lbs
22 years old
Black hair, blue eyes
Wears a cloak, a breastplate only just covering breasts, and wields a heavy shield, leaving her other hand free for spell casting, or occasionally wielding a sickle or knife
Alignment : Neutral

Levels :
Fires over Brinestump : 1 Cleric
The Legacy's Lure : 2 Cleric
Ruins of Brinewall : 3 Cleric
Into the North : 4 Cleric
A Gathering of Shadows : 5 Cleric
Assault on Ravenscraeg : 6 Cleric

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