Sunday, 6 May 2012


Morvius has always enjoyed thunderstorms. Storms, the power, the energy and vitality have thrilled and delighted him, speaking to something deep within him.

Living within Magnimar, being schooled in magical lore, he never really mastered the tomes and grimoires and spellbooks the magi tutored him with, he never really felt adept with the study and learning and facts and structure and organisation and, well, the tedious boredom of the mages' studies.

He preferred instead the wild and free casting of magics and as he grew from child into man he awoke (or p'raps destiny awoke within him) the storm and chaos and energy within his blood. Calling lightning and electricity to him, channeling it through and around him, Morvius developed powers of sorcery at a frightening pace.

The wizards of Magnimar found his whimsical approach an affront, he parted ways after rather rash remonstrations (and still has never paid for the damage caused 'cross several classrooms, an ornamental garden and what used to be a rather impressive statue), settling in the town a few days to the North, within Sandpoint.

He became good friends with the mysterious fortune teller Koya, who has the uncanny (and unusual) knack of prophecy, foreseeing destiny that invariably must come true. Both had unusual and powerful magics, both were free spirits, both enjoyed travel within Sandru's caravan, both wandered far over Varisia.

Now, both are destined to travel with friends, chaging the destiny of nations . . .

Game Mechanics

Male human (Varissian) Sorcerer (Air Elemental bloodline)

Levels :
Fires over Brinestump : 1 Sorcerer
The Legacy's Lure : 2 Sorcerer
Ruins of Brinewall : 3 Sorcerer
Into the North : 4 Sorcerer
A Gathering of Shadows : 5 Sorcerer
Assault on Ravenscraeg : 6 Sorcerer

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