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Tsumi has lived within the Sandpoint community, growing up in turbulent times that were not of her choosing. Her grandparents lived in Minkai, far away, literally 'pon the other side of the world. For reasons lost in time, they travelled with dear friends to these lands, family settling in Varisia.

It was her father who taught her the way of the warrior, handing down the traditions of his father, and those honoured warriors before him. Tsumi mastered the blade well, despite the amusement others shared as the teenager wielded this curved blade. "Curved blade!" they would scorn, "A curved blade?! Who would have thought of such nonsense! Dedicated soldiers wield straight longswords in Magnimar, elegant gentlemen wield straight rapiers in Korvosa, vile brigands wield straight short swords 'cross the secluded paths and roads, why even the half crazed Northern vikings of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings wield straight mighty two-handed swords, their claymores cleaving through arms and armour! And this wee slip of a girl prances about with a curved sword? What foreign nonsense!" As she grew older, her skill developing, her actions saving lives, few in Sandpoint then shared such scorn openly. Still, to wield a blade of Minkai design, a katana, marked her as unusual. Marked her as different.

Her father, descended from noble warriors of Minkai, married Tsumi's mother, a Varissian woman from Sandpoint, their marriage gifted them Tsumi and years of joyous love 'til travelling to Magnimar, past Brinestump Marsh, they were set upon by ferocious and desparate goblins. Her mother died there, cold and butchered in the misty marshes. Her father died weeks later, Tsumi never knew if it was the fever or the loss of his wife that consumed him.

Tsumi had always been conscientious, looking after The Rusty Dragon tavern which she jointly owned with her best friend, Ameiko, but also spent much time out in the wilds with the mysterious elf, Shalelu, mastering skills of battle and survival 'cross the wilderness of Varissia. Mastering the skills of a Ranger, tempering the anger she felt 'gainst the goblins, she learnt her art whilst meditating on one real focus . . . on revenge. She prayed to Calistria, devoting herself to the task of vengeance, then moved as a ghost through the marshes, with stealth and guile, slaying the entire goblin group that waylaid her parents' trading caravan.

Three years passed.

Now, age 20, she still patrols the wilds around Sandpoint, still exacts revenge for those who are wronged, for those the law does not protect, but the anger and hatred burning within the orphaned teenager dwindled as the years with Ameiko passed on, with shared work, shared parties, shared victories, shared adventure, shared fun. Shared life.

From this place, of who she is and where she is, Tsumi embarked on a journey, an adventure she believed she chose, for love and devotion to her friends. Maybe she did choose this path. Maybe destiny chose her. Time unfolds, winds blow, seasons change and her story now moves on . . .

Game Mechanics

Female human (Tian-Min/Varissian) Ranger of Calistria
5'4" tall, 140 lbs
20 years old
Black hair, green eyes
Dual wields katanas, wearing green leathers/clothing over armour
Alignment : Chaotic Good

Levels :
Fires over Brinestump : 1 Ranger
The Legacy's Lure : 2 Ranger
Ruins of Brinewall : 3 Ranger
Into the North : 4 Ranger
A Gathering of Shadows : 5 Ranger
Assault on Ravenscraeg : 6 Ranger

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